6 Suprising Myths of In-Patient Addiction Treatment

This is straight from PsychCentral, but based on the work of Daniel Carlat, MD.  Carlat has blogged at his Carlat Psychiatry Blog (Keeping Psychiatry Honest Since 2007) for some time, paying particular attention to the shenanigans of big pharma (recommended).

Why are the myths important? Because desperate families are often willing to invest a substantial amount of time and money, in the hopes of successful treatment.

In any case, here are the 6 myths of addiction treatment, as gathered by PsychCentral. Click on their link above for further information:

1. For the price I’m paying, I’m going to get a lot of individualized attention and one-on-one counseling.

2. The counselors are all well-trained doctoral or master’s level clinicians.

3. There must be research showing that inpatient rehab centers use evidence-based techniques.

4. Inpatient residential rehab centers have been proven by research to work.

5. The reason the treatment length in rehab is 30 days is because research has shown 30 days to be the ideal length of time.

6. Residential rehab is expensive.