Schizophrenia by Darryl Cunningham


Everything I’ve read by Darryl Cunningham so far has been unbelievably good, and “Schizophrenia” is no exception. By turns informative, empathic, and educational, this is another winner from the UK artist. Highly recommended.

Suicide – A Web Comic by Darryl Cunningham


Don’t let this one fool you. Though it’s a fairly straightforward web comic, done in a simple style, it packs a punch worthy of the topic. Powerful stuff.




Here’s a web comic by artist Darryl Cunningham from the UK. Cunningham struggled through depression and crushing shyness himself, before finding a creative outlet in comics. His empathy shines through: Darkness.

I’m a big fan of comics that cover this material, as people struggling with depression often struggle even to pick up a book, let alone wade through text. Graphic novels, comics, whatever you choose to call them, can offer a user friendly interface into a world that offers some comfort. I’ll be featuring more of his comics in coming weeks.